About Recordkeeper Systems

RecordKeeper Systems - Mac OSX / Windows Filemaker Database Development and Web Integration Experts. Let us fine-tune your business needs and consolidate your data to provide the reliable, accurate and fast data that your business needs to run optimally, and to maximize your profit and investments. We build to your business model to automate your office based on how your employees work and organize themselves. Spending time on-site and meeting one-on-one with your staff helps us know how you work and shows us your troubles and challenges. With this information, we program automation to solve each issue and to create a master program to solve all your business needs.

Spending time with your staff ensures that our solutions make a perfect fit for your needs. Working on site reduces communication problems, shortens lags when questions arise about implementation, and allows us to consult directly with you. When policy questions, process concerns or feature issues arise, we are right there in person getting the answers directly from you and your staff. With our direct approach to working with you and your staff, you will be amazed at the speed, efficiency, and swift turn-around of finished projects.

if you need a project done yesterday, or you need development started immediately, then give us a call. We can schedule a person to meet with you. We can often begin work immediately.