Services and Development

Providers of a full range of services which will provide your business and your staff with the skills and tools they need to suceed. Whether you are based on Macs, Windows or a mixed environment, we have the solution for you. While Cloud services are the rage, we kept your privacy and security in mind. We offer hybrid cloud services to give you the effectiveness of cloud computing with local storage, off-line access, disaster recover with all the bells and whistles of mobile apps, secure web portals with traditional local storage options

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Consolidate, store, edit and access your data in a single source easily across your entire organization.

Database Services

  • FileMaker Pro custom solutions
  • Data consolidation and integration
  • MySQL Web Integration
  • Web features fully integrated into database
  • Web integration and online admin customization
  • Fully Customizable eCommerce integration
  • Shopping Cart and back-end inventory database integration
  • Seamless interface with Quickbooks
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Efficiency Consulting

  • Save money and time
  • Increase your ROI
  • Increase efficiency and integrate your data
  • Automate business process
  • Steamline accounting and HR practices
  • Decrease product time-to-web
  • Fully integrate your operations online
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Present your data, products and services with ease. Professionally maintain your content in-house.

Web Integration

  • Mobile websites & Web Apps
  • eCommerce/integrated shopping carts
  • HTML Development
  • Bootstrap
  • Lasso/mySQL/Filemaker development
  • FileMaker Pro integration
  • MySQL Web integration
  • Social media, SEO marketing
  • Secure, online hosted solutions
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  • Personal tutoring
  • Group training
  • On-site training
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  • Support packages
  • Support by-the-hour
  • Customized training and support packages
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There is nothing more wasteful than a company of users each with their own set of meticulously maintained spreadsheets; except unless each department does the same and cannot share, or does not want to share. Most companies can be defined as a mess of politics, poorly kept data, and hours of rebuilding the wheel.

The buck stops here!

  • We look at your company employees' responsibilities
  • We work with each department to iron out data management responsibilities and disputes
  • We compile the data needed to fill each person's job requirements
  • We build a data structure to hold all your needed data
  • We build a security system to keep data protected
  • We build an interface to make your data easily accessible
  • We compile and import the data from your various data sources
  • We massage the data as needed to fit the new design
  • We maintain your data system--perfecting and enhancing as needed

We work as an extension of your company. We are your partner in optimizing your business. Our services leave you in control of your future. You own all customized code to keep your options open for the future.