Get the personalized training you and your organization need. We teach a customized curriculum to learn Filemaker and Lasso technologies. Each training experience is meant to be more like a personalized tutoring session rather than a fixed curriculum. Do not fall prey to the mas computer educators who profide a think book of curriculum which gives you a learning crutch throughout the course.

Training Principles

  1. Teach a basic principle
  2. Confirm the principle is understood and practiced
  3. Rely on previous learned principles as building block to more advanced topics
  4. Review principles not click steps
  5. Select a project you need completed
  6. Use the learning experience to build a real usable product in the process
  7. Use what you have created and build on it in further lessons

Training Topics

  1. Web Design and HTML
  2. Database Integration
  3. Lasso and LDML
  4. Recordkeeper product module details
  5. Recordkeeper product module functions and features walk-through
  6. Recordkeeper product advanced training
  7. Recordkeeper product reports
  8. Recordkeeper product web integration features
  9. Recordkeeper product managing media, twitter, and blogs
  10. Recordkeeper product data integration and shoping cart functionality
  11. Filemaker Filemaker Basics
  12. Filemaker Report Writing
  13. Filemaker Data Modeling
  14. Filemaker Advanced Tips and Tricks

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