Web Development and Web Database Integration

Connect Your Business to the Web

We offer complete web solutions for business mail order websites integrated with our Coyote Recordkeeper product and specialized education web solutions integrated with our School Recordkeeper product. Our solutions are fully customizable and based on the popular Lasso programming language. Lasso offers powerful database integrating tools for advanced developers while maintaining the ability to edit web pages in most popular visual web editors. Lower your overall support and cost of ownership by keeping the ability to maintain portion of your site in house with standard tools.

We provide a number of hosted solutions at Recordkeeper Sytems including fully-integrated eCommerce packages for various industry segments. We can host your databases and website on our servers as well as integrate your locally hosted databases up to the web. Several existing clients take adavantage of these services including those listed below. If you would like to see each in action, select from that list.

  • Chevs of the 40s
    We automated Chev's operation with our Coyote Recordkeeper product. Our solution for them included: web database integration, eCommerce shopping cart, full inventory and customer account tracking, and, accounting, ordering, customer account automation. Some features of our solution for Chevs:
    • Customer CRM with multi locations and vehicles specifications
    • Order and Shipping System Integrated with Starship/UPS
    • Inventory and Catalog System with Auto pricing and price alerts
    • Purchasing and Sales History, Auto Inventory Levels
    • Accessory and Option prompting for sales
    • Inventory Part Number redirection based on option tree
    • Purchasing, Receiving and Accounting with Quickbooks Integration
    • Media Tracking and Advertising tracking
    • Per customer, Discount Code and Multiple Price Levels
    • Integrated Media Tracking and Reporting
    • Website 100% maintenance free based on In-House database configuration
    • Part Kitting and Kit within a Kit
    • Auto Drop Ship Ordering and Processing
    • Raw Material Inventory for production product
    • Integrated Payment Processing
    • ERP integrated web site and e-commerce system using Lasso, MySQL and XML technologies
  • PNCI
    Some features of our solution for PNCI:
    • Highly customized for the JATC and Union training facilities
    • Mobilized website with support for Employers, Student, Staff logins
    • Online Notifications and paperless management of notices
    • Work Progress and Hours with Integrated Web Timecards
    • Certifications & Training
    • Detailed History including correspondence
    • Integrated Student Quickbooks Accounting
    • Automatic Mail Merging and Scheduling of sending correspondence
    • Automated Apprenticeship Rerating Management
    • Prerequisite support and web integration
    • Web Integrated schedule and course catalog
    • Web Integrated enrollment and self printing schedule and transcript
    • Web Integrated timecard submission and tracking

We have created an application which manages on-line shopping carts for the Tradeshow industry. This special flavor of our Coyote Recordkeeper is unique to the business. The application includes everything you need to manage setting up and planning for Tradeshows including scheduling, resources, inventory, and more.

Web Development

We also offer many web development and design services. We can provide a full range of services from your back-end databases to integrated shopping carts as well as the look and feel of your website. Many of our customers use existing Recordkeeper templates to put their inventory online; you can too.

  • HTML, XML, and CSS creation and cleanup
  • Bootstrap Mobile pages
  • fast Dynamic AJAX interfaces for desktop and mobile use
  • Templates and API Skinning
  • User Experience and web strategy
  • Website cleanup and optimization
  • Compliance and code validation (web standards)
  • Integrated shopping cart
  • Integrated web databases
  • SEO and web analytics